June 2007

Latest News June 2007

Manchester Evening News – the Manchester Evening News re-ran the story on Tuesday 29 May.

First TV appearance – Cathy and Bernard will be appearing on Channel M on a show called The Biker Show which is broadcast on Sky and Virgin TV. It is due to go out for the first time on Thursday 7th June at 7pm.

Picture taken from the first TV appearance of Cathy and Bernard. We are sitting by the bike in the garage being interviewed for the Biker Show broadcast on Sky 203 and Virgin 878.

Bernard and Cathy being interviewed for the show.

Tune in

Channel M is a TV channel for Manchester. It is available through your existing TV aerial. You can also view channel M if you have Sky – on channel 203 – or can access ntl digital cable TV on channel 878. It is also available on Virgin 878. The show is replayed at the following times on both Sky 203 and Virgin 878:

Times of the show:

Thursday 7th June at 7pm

Saturday 9th June at 12.30am and 11am

Sunday 10th June at 12am, 11am and 9pm

Monday 11th June at 10am and 2pm

Tuesday 12th June at 1.30am and 3.30pm

It was a very strange experience being interviewed with a camera a couple of feet away! While this is true, our thanks to the team who turned up to do the piece. As Chris was filming various things Biscuit was busy running around the Garden with her squeaky toy with Bernard chasing her like a demented cat. The problem was as various ‘talk over bits’ were being filmed she insisted on chewing on her toy but we got there in the end. With thanks to Natalie (Interviewer), Chris (Cameraman), and Olivia (Producer). It was a blast ……………but very strange. Bike Animal (who sponsor the Biker Show above) have also featured the story.

Print update

Ability Magazine – An article about the journey is to be published in the June edition of Ability Magazine.

Dial Magazine – An article is also to be published the end of June.

Mobilise Magazine – printed in June Issue.

Real Travel also featured the story.

The Bikeress ran the story in June issue.

Gateacre Comprehensive School on Merseyside – Cathy and Bernard (and Biscuit the Guide Dog) have always wanted to work with schools on this journey as the educational value should not be underestimated. We are so pleased to announce that the 1,800 pupils at Gateacre Comprehensive School will be working with us on this journey (along with the linked Primary Schools).

The pupils will be designing post cards for use to send back from each of the continents we pass through. They will also be designing a Logo for the trip as a whole. We really cannot express how delighted we are with this link. We so much look forward to working with the staff and pupils. We are hoping we will be able to have some form of live link with the pupils at certain points as we pass through the world.

BMW web site  – see the journey on World of BMW web site.

News Links – Investors.com Media Centre have picked up the story and mainstreamed it through the business community.

The Florida Division of Blind Services have incorporated it into their publications..

The Journey has appeared in Da Moto – a Spanish Magazine.

Motorcycle News brief summary was published on 6th June edition.

Watch this space for further news.



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