August 2007

Latest News August 2007

John O’Groats to Land’s End (The Long Way Round or should that be The Long Way Down?)

Currently on the road for a test run – Select here for week one report, here for week twohere for week three and here for week four.

Catherine has written a section for a book being produced by the Canadian Council for the Blind.

At the moment we are working on several international links which have started to develop.

We are very grateful for the assistance of George Abraham of India who will be handling our connections in that country (select You Tube video or here for biographical details of George). We look forward to working with him when we arrive the India.

We have also made links into the USA (Florida) and we are trying to develop links with China at the moment as we write this.

Sponsorship forms are now starting to appear through the post and our thanks go out to the many people who have thumped on doors. We will be depositing the money into the ‘Just Giving’ account within the next couple of weeks.

If anybody would like to become involved in the sponsorship of the journey please email for details.

Watch this space for further news.



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