September 2007

Latest News September 2007

Well, we wondered, where has all the time gone recently! Suddenly here we are in September of 2007 with time fast disappearing after our summer journey and June 1st 2008 beckoning in the near distance.

The highs and lows of attracting support seem to swing the two of us from mountain tops to deep valleys of despair. It’s a bit like a roller-coaster getting this show on the road! It really is.

We have received tremendous support from BMW (UK) who spread the story far and wide through their public relations team. This has aided us greatly in terms of publicity and we would like to thank them for this valuable assistance.

Cathy is now huge in Hungary and well known in Spain and a host of other other countries thanks to their help.

It’s quite funny really but many people attach a certain ‘excitement’ to the trials and tribulations which making the journey on a 1990 bike will probably incur. People have actually commented on this – making the point that it adds a dimension to the journey. They mean this by way of the fact that you would expect a ‘new’ bike to complete 25,000 miles without major mishap to its internal workings! Any bike which could not do 25,000 miles without imploding would be a poor machine we’re sure you would agree!

And so, onwards and upwards to the next mountain top, or deep valley…….who knows!

Watch this space for further news.



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