January and February 2008

Picture of Cathy and Bernard wearing motorcycle helmets.

Bernard and Cathy.

Latest News Jan and Feb 2008

Well hello to everybody! Thanks to all of you who have emailed us from around the world offering accommodation and assistance should we pass through your neck of the woods. It is nice to know that in the far flung edges of the world people are interested in what we are setting out to do and offering kindness and help should we require it. We appreciate it.

The news so far.

Cathy has now had her operation and, eventually, everything settled down. If you have read previous entries you will know that she was having an operation due to Glaucoma and Cataracts in her right eye. Her employer (Action for Blind People) was very kind to her throughout this period. The date for the operation turned out to be during her holidays and she thought nothing of it (in fact, she thought it was fortunate as she would not have to be off sick!) When her manager found out he changed her holidays (in consultation with Human Resources) so she didn’t have to use her holidays going for an operation.

The operation went smoothly and, as always, she ended up with bottles of drops for this, and bottles of drops for that! Unfortunately, all did not go as planned; she ended up with a post-op infection in the right eye. After visits to and from the hospital it turned out that it was caused by the stitches in the eye itself which were causing the problems.Eventually it was decided to remove the stitches and, within a couple of days of this being done, her eye was fine. It seems that this happens with some people and Cathy was one of the unfortunate ones. Originally she had gone back to work

Picture of Cathy on a wall sitting with Biscuit

Biscuit and Cathy

straight away and as the infection got worse she felt worse and worse until, eventually, she had to take a few days off work. Again, her employers (and managers) were excellent in their responses to her difficulties. To say she had their support was an understatement – even texting her to find out if she was ok. The drops (antibiotics) had to be administered hourly with the pressure drops four

times daily. Over a period of three weeks these reduced until all was well. Now as we write this she is back to her normal self. The decision now is whether the consultant will want to proceed and do the same with the other eye – we will find out towards the end of March if this is the case.

In terms of progress on the trip.

The house sale is still stalled at the moment. The house was sold and now is not – much in the way of the up and down events of selling a house! It is very frustrating as we are fit to go but we are trying to be patient about everything and not let things get to us.

Cathy’s story will be published in You and Yours in the coming month and we will post details as they come through to us.

The preparations involving the bike are still ongoing. At the moment the gearbox and various other mechanicals are sitting on a bench in the garage. I just hope I can remember how to put them all back together again. I’ll let you know how I get on and will post some pictures of the mechanical mayhem as it happens. If anybody would like to become involved in the sponsorship of the journey please email us for details.

Watch this space for further news.



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