SEPTEMBER 2011 – Newsletter #1

A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles.

If you dare to dream.

Picture of Cathy and Bernard sat on the floor beside the bike in Eastern Turkey.

In the beginning

It’s hard to know sometimes where to begin as this may well be somewhere other than at the start. So it is with this newsletter in many ways.

We say this as we fell off the circuit for a little while on our return from a journey which saw us covering 26,385 miles through 5 continents and 31 countries on an 18 year old motorcycle. Due to the fact that no blind person had ever done such a thing before there was a hollerbaloo of media coverage which kept us going for some time. Much like you would expect, it died down after our, relative, fifteen minutes of fame and we went back to our lives to begin writing the book which had always been planned. Unfortunately, much like life itself sometimes, fate intervened in the best laid plans of mice, men, Bernard and Cathy. Perhaps an extract from the book is the best to be said on the matter:

‘It was as I was struggling to adapt back to ‘normal’ life in those early weeks that Cathy was diagnosed with cancer. From this point onwards my own petty struggle ended. If you have ever cared for someone with a life-threatening illness then you will know, without hesitation, what this means as you throw yourself into whatever is required. Over the subsequent months the illness and treatment she had to endure all made riding the world seem insignificant and unimportant’. 

Thus everything to do with the journey faded away for quite some time while other battles were fought within our own emotional fortresses.

Now what?

With Cathy slowly returning back to health after nearly two years of treatment we eventually returned to writing the book we had always planned since the very beginning. Along with this aspect came a hundred other things which were still outstanding including sorting through thousands of photographs and hundreds of hours of video along with updating the website. It is only now thus are we able to fully engage in what was achieved.

What Next?

With our return to ‘normality’ and the foray out into social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, we received a lot of support from the many people who became aware of what we had done prior to Cathy’s illness, As the book started to take shape many people also said kind things about its content and from this we drew considerable support. It got to the point where Bernard took early retirement to concentrate on finishing the manuscript and this was completed a few months back. The early feedback from several well known authors in the field has been more than positive and to date it is being well received by publishers. At the moment we are considering options about which way we can take the book forward.

For all those blind and partially sighted people who followed us through the world we say thank you and for everyone who contacted us over time we say welcome to our full return.

Our very best wishes to you all and aways remember: If you dare to dream.

Watch this space for further details concerning the the future publication of:

A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles.

To follow some of the Radio and TV publicity please see our You Tube channel at the following link.

Picture of Bernard and Cathy taken at Vision Australia in Sydney.



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Picture of Cathy sitting on the side of the road in Eastern Turkey.
Picture of CAthy taken at the iconic Taj Mahal

Picture of Cathy and Bernard taken in Chile

Picture of Bernard and Cathy on Wyna PIcchu.

Picture of Bernard and the bike taken in Peru

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