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Well isn’t it surprising how time goes past? It doesn’t seem a month since the last newsletter and yet here we are again!
Over the last month we have stayed busy ‘fettling’ our manuscript for the book with the help of none other than the motorcyling author Ted Simon. Many other well known writers have also added their thoughts as further suggestions came from Rollo of Panther Publishing. Our greatful thanks to everybody for their assistance and thoughts.
The main upshot of all this wealth of experience is that the big cutting pen has been swept across some pages. On others a small whittling knife has been applied. Thus, 32,000 words have gone. Often they disappeared with a heavy heart we must admit; memories ending up on the – metaphorical – cutting room floor.That being said, it is often true the meat tastes sweeter when the fat has been trimmed and it is seasoned to perfection – as we hope this turns out to be when it hits the shelves.
Our sincere thanks also to the many people who’ve been in touch asking about the publication date. It keeps us going to know so many people are interested in our story. We will keep you abreast of developments as and when they occur.All being well the final draft of the book will be finished in the forthcoming weeks and we can move on from living backwards. When you are locked into the past it is hard to project into the future as you live in times gone by. Fortunately we have been hugely aided by the fact that these past times are close enough to retain a freshness in thought, word, and deed. It is also true we have a nine inch deep pile of journals, thousands of protographs and hundreds of hours of video footage and audio diary entries to assist us!

What next?

Like all things in life this question sits in the lap of the Gods. From written word to the finished product is something akin to the cup and the lip but our fingers are crossed everything will continue to proceed in the way it appears to be going.

Gertie sheltering her fevered brow.

Many people have asked about the nature of our two wheeled transport these days and yes it is true, another bike did join the stable of Bernard’s alternative Universe of ‘The Garage’. Sitting resplendent in all her glory is Gertie, an F800GS. The picture above shows her resting a fevered brow in Andalucia last summer; sheltering from the ferocious sun which reminded us of days gone by passing through the Atacama or Arizona Deserts.
A long time was spent looking at a range of bikes with Bernard muttering ‘I’ll never pick the thing up if it goes over’, as it became his definitive measurement of success as sales personnel tried, unsuccessfully, to sell him the latest – and biggest – bikes on the market.
On the Channel Tunnel Train.
From a personal perspective it is super comfortable – with my Air Hawk set – and it positively growls along very nicely thank you.
To date it has covered 12,000 miles with the service personnel saying ‘You can’t have done that much already surely’ much to Bernard’s amusement! It’s funny how the wheels of time turn as the bike is a direct link backwards to when we rode the world as an extract from the book notes:
By now a new bike sits in the garage and it is a link to our journey through Nepal. Here you will read of our meeting with another rider and his BMW F800GS. Smaller and lighter than the 1200s, it rode lightly over terrible terrain and I knew this was to be my next bike. Originally, I had thought to use one for the trip itself but it had only just been released onto the market (in 2008). Truly did I agonise until deciding, ultimately, to trust the bike I knew and understood.”
Now, however, she sits waiting for her own great adventure. It stretches out in the distance before the three of us. Waiting. Promising. Whispering in our ears………………….
Watch this space for further details concerning the the future publication of:

A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles.

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Absolutely lovely surroundings.


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Ian with his F800 in Pokhara - Nepal


A Blind Woman, Two Wheels, and 25,000 Miles

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