JANUARY 2012 – Newsletter #5

January 2012 – Newsletter #5

The Ted Simon Foundation

Greetings to all fellow lunatics and escaped ones, whether current, former, about to, or to people who maintain the dream in the recesses of their minds…………..

Hello to everybody and a festive glass to you all on entering the brave new world of 2012.

Many people over recent weeks have contacted us through such mediums as email, Facebook, Twitter, and our website. While coming from different directions, all these contacts shared common questions; where are we up to with the book, what is the news, when can we get hold of it? Several even offered bribes of varying degrees for an electronic version and an advance read. Perhaps everybody has a price and it truly is down to numbers………. only joking……….really…….

Anyway, the manuscript of our journey has lately been reincarnated, reinvented, dare I say ‘savaged’ down a further 40,000 words. Like a fine wine it has matured, morphed, neigh been reborn into a revised but long familiar being. Worry not however. The three-part story we set out to tell so long ago is still present and separated by commas alone in A Blind Woman, Two Wheels, and 25,000 Miles. Through the honing, refining, and editing we hope it is stronger than ever for all the effort.


We did initially finish the manuscript last August but at this point Cathy tied me up in a darkened cupboard until the Ted Simon Foundation launch. Feeding me occasional morsels to quell rebellion and keep me quiet, she thought it wise to do so until we were ‘unveiled’ as Jupiter’s Travellers. Thus, she reasoned, a new journey could begin towards publication. Clutching a rough compass point, we set off.

In the meantime, we have received sterling work from Iain Harper of Heartwood Digital in the rebuilding of our website. Added to this part of his role within the Foundation, Lorraine (woof, woof) ChittockSam (The Man) ManicomTed (Evergreen) Simon along with Mr Dan (Sprocket) Walsh have all dutifully laboured in various ways – without the use of the Foundation wheel barrow; somebody hid it. We also continued to receive tremendous encouragement from Rollo Turner of Panther Publishing who offered insightful comments, along with a sympathetic ear for our ramblings.

The upshot of it all was that a severely sharpened pencil cut deep into the original 220,000 words that mushroomed from 2008 when we hit the road. Successive edits in 2011 have lowered the word count to reveal 212, 208, 198, 193, and then 181. The final resting place came to be 172,000 words. At this point, I surrendered.

Offering to fall on a brand new HB bought especially for the purpose from WH, thankfully all declined this offer, apart from Cathy who is still thinking about it.

Currently where are we up to?

It is true that we are immensely grateful for all the help, advice, and assistance from everybody mentioned so far. This is particularly true of the Ted Simon Foundation who took on this role voluntarily. Through their help, the world of Adventure Motorcycling will be richer for ALL the various stories that will eventually appear about real people doing real things; often never before reported.

I say that as when you understand the struggle people such as Sam Manicom and Norman McGowanhave endured to bring us their stories – and many others as well – it can only be of benefit to us all that such published authors have thrown their lot into correcting this situation.

Right now – Cathy and I still await that mythical place called ‘publication.’ It ’tis a secret place, mightily protected to keep people out unless they have received a special invite. To our naïve eyes it appears a bit like Iran …….. but without the headscarf rule. We have our fingers crossed.

After all somebody has to go first for the Foundation …… waving the standard for all those untold stories.

For now, our best wishes to you all. We hope to be able to bring you the definitive answer to the on-going saga of ‘The Publication’ by this time next month.

Best wishes and safe journeys to you all.

Bernard and Cathy

What next?

Watch this space for further details concerning the the future publication of:

A Blind Woman, Two Wheels and 25,000 Miles.

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