The Route (GPS Data)

In all the books I have read about overland motorcycle travel, the section I was always drawn to contained ‘the maps’.

Sometimes they were extremely brief little things and sometimes they were extremely complex with fantastic artwork. The one thing they all had in common, however, was that tiny dotted line showing where the person had been. On seeing this trail, my trusty Atlas would appear and hours would pass me by as I traced routes while trying to imagine the maps into images. Often those maps had magical foreign names that would stream through my head involving places such as Nepal and Kathmandu or Peru and Cusco. Whether I was sitting in a chair or lying in bed reading, it always turned out to be ‘the map’ that triggered this stream of mental meanderings.

Nowadays we have GPS technology and with its advent there is a further marvellous opportunity for sharing information with people. The data itself can be manipulated in various ways and it can even be inputted into facilities like Google Earth to help bring the roads ‘alive’ in a way never before previously possible.

It is because of this I thought perhaps the data files maybe of interest to people like me who still reach for an Atlas or a paper map to see the ‘big’ picture. There are some gaps in the files as the unit did malfunction several times – going AWOL as I often called it – but overall they are complete. Perhaps they may help you continue the dream as you trace our roads.

As I said in the forthcoming book:

It took me a little while to realise how, for a lifetime, I had read of people who rode the world. Through their words I was privileged to learn, to dream, and ultimately to wonder. Once this link came into my mind I understood. The understanding involved the fact that without those people my own dream would have died long ago.

This page is just a continuation of that sentiment.

Bernard Smith

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