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AUGUST 2014 – Newsletter 11

Smoke and mirrors (Messages from Krakow) It’s strange sitting here thinking of how people see my life. You know that roller coaster emotional journey involving books, my girl, motorcycles, the miles covered, and places seen over the last 14 months. Messages and emails, social media, and other such things (even phone calls God forbid), reach […]

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MAY 2014 – Newsletter 10

Adapted from ‘189 days to say goodbye’. Written for the ‘others’ and for all the people with patience. Sitting frightened how words, thoughts, or feelings will be interpreted, it is true fear can paralyse everything. It sweeps you up and holds you in a place where there is nothing left to think, to do, to […]

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OCTOBER 2013 – Newsletter #9

  In the blink of an eye. BLINK The bike moves unpredictably, much more than I am used to or can ever recall. Lining up for corners, looking into the distance at tree lines, posts, hedges, all flow past me as gears change and the throttle pushes us forward. The next corner comes and the […]

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APRIL 2013 – Newsletter #8

MEMORIES AND MEMORABILIA: THE WAY THINGS WERE. Sitting by the side of the road in the pouring rain I can hear Cathy laughing. But worse than that, much worse, is the fact I can hear the words “I told you so” coming through loud and clear. Damn and triple damn. Nothing beats being confronted with […]

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MARCH 2013 – Newsletter #7

Sometimes it is hard to know what to write at certain times in our lives. You see as I sit staring at the page nothing seems right in either order or content. Indeed, it feels as if the very meaning of the words are lost in their truest sense. But I know it is just […]

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The Ted Simon Foundation \ All \ My Father’s Voice Extract from Jupiter’s Travellers During their round-the-world motorcycle journey in 2009, Bernard Smith and Cathy Birchall (co-authors of the forthcoming “Touching the World: A Blind Woman, Two Wheels, and 25,000 Miles”) made a detour through Kanchanaburi Province in Thailand to seek out the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai. […]

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MARCH 2012 – Newsletter #6

Greetings and a big shout of hello to wherever you are. It is with great pleasure that we are now able to announce the impending print publication of Touching the World and the story of the first blind person to circle the world by motorcycle. While our tale will reveal the many struggles, highs, lows, victories and […]

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JANUARY 2012 – Newsletter #5

January 2012 – Newsletter #5 Greetings to all fellow lunatics and escaped ones, whether current, former, about to, or to people who maintain the dream in the recesses of their minds………….. Hello to everybody and a festive glass to you all on entering the brave new world of 2012. Many people over recent weeks have […]

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DECEMBER 2011 – Newsletter #4

Current News A recent set of thoughts triggered this newsletter as light bulbs went off like little Christmas trees in my head after a ‘conversation’ on a social networking site. Each twinkle involved an understanding of something I had learned, experienced, or been fortunate to achieve on circling the world. In fact, all those little twinkling […]

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NOVEMBER 2011 – Newsletter #3

Current News Well isn’t it surprising how time goes past? It doesn’t seem a month since the last newsletter and yet here we are again! Over the last month we have stayed busy ‘fettling’ our manuscript for the book with the help of none other than the motorcyling author Ted Simon. Many other well known writers […]

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