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OCTOBER 2013 – Newsletter #9

  In the blink of an eye. BLINK The bike moves unpredictably, much more than I am used to or can ever recall. Lining up for corners, looking into the distance at tree lines, posts, hedges, all flow past me as gears change and the throttle pushes us forward. The next corner comes and the […]

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APRIL 2013 – Newsletter #8

MEMORIES AND MEMORABILIA: THE WAY THINGS WERE. Sitting by the side of the road in the pouring rain I can hear Cathy laughing. But worse than that, much worse, is the fact I can hear the words “I told you so” coming through loud and clear. Damn and triple damn. Nothing beats being confronted with […]

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MARCH 2012 – Newsletter #6

Greetings and a big shout of hello to wherever you are. It is with great pleasure that we are now able to announce the impending print publication of¬†Touching the World¬†and the story of the first blind person to circle the world by motorcycle. While our tale will reveal the many struggles, highs, lows, victories and […]

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